Humphry Marine

Fuel cell powertrains for speed boats

The use of leisure boots on inland waterways is subject to increasingly rigorous regulations. The best response therefore is to switch as soon and as widely as possible to eco-friendly powertrains. The project by Humphry Marine GmbH is working to develop a hybrid fuel cell/battery powertrain for speed boats with smart steering. A prototype is currently undergoing laboratory testing and optimisation. The new improved overall system is be integrated into a speedboat to demonstrate its handling under real conditions.

The hydrogen-powered low-temperature fuel cells (LT-PEM) serve as range extenders. This drive system's efficiency is to be validated by comparing its performance with a boat powered by an internal combustion engine. Furthermore, the project is investigating transfer scenarios to other types of boats, including various fuelling concepts depending on the given environment. The goal is to develop and test a market-ready system for various speed boat classes.

Fuel cell: NT PEM

Fuel: Hydrogen

Project managed by: Humphry Marine

Project partnered by: Reiner Lemoine Institut

Project term: 01 October 2019 – 31 July 2019