Advent Technologies


Advent Technologies A/S has more than 15 years’ experience within the development and application of fuel-cell technology, and offers scalable, modular and net zero emission energy solutions. 

The Advent fuel cell solutions is a game changer for remote power supply to critical infrastructure, off grid telecom services or even challenging environments at sea – no matter how much power you need. 


Our fuel-cell technology is a solution for the future due to its limited size, easy installation, safe storage and reliable operation. We offer plug-and-play solutions or joint development projects to tailor a solution to your individual needs, empowering a sustainable future for your business, your industry – and our planet.

Aktivität im Projekt

Design and implementation of the RiverCell 2 Demonstrator, incl. the safety design and assessments with DNV

Advent Technologies had 2 main tasks in the project. 

1: Development of a Marine Fuel cell solution to be installed in the Demonstrator in the project. this did include the full system integration concept and approvals to ensure a safe and useable installation for a ship. 

Contributing to the rule development to IMO as a coordinated force.

2: Internally inside the Fuel cell and reformer system develop and test the system reliability and predictability of the fuel cells including the DC-DC converters between the fuel cell stacks to the ship DC-Bus bar system at 1000 Vdc.