In the MultiSchIBZ project, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is steering a two-phase optimisation and design evolution process for the SchIBZ2 fuel cell system, the objective being to launch commercial applications. Key activities here include optimising the fuel reforming process to enable the use of other fuels in future, such as LNG/natural gas, and the planning and development of power electronics for a decentralised DC microgrid with components formed of innovative materials.

Fuel cell: SOFC

Fuel: LNG, Diesel

Project managed by: thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

Project partnered by: DNV GL | Hülsenbusch | Öl-Waerme-Institut | LUH-IfT | LUH-IfES | Rosswag | Sunfire | TEC4FUELS | ZBT

Project term: 01 September 2018 - 30 June 2020