Spearheaded by Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, the SchIBZ2 project – which follows on from SchIBZ – aims to test a previously developed hybrid diesel-driven fuel cell system on land but also at sea on the general cargo ship MS Forester. The project aims to validate the individual components' seaworthiness – separately and as an integrated whole.

A seaworthy hybrid power aggregate designed around a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and lithium-ion battery has already been developed, produced and trialled as part of interdisciplinary collaboration seeking to power the onboard hotel load. Vital aspects here include reforming diesel to produce a SOFC-processable gas and the use of an energy storage system to operate smaller grids in the lower megawatt range, allowing for a gradual increase in output.

The system is run on low-sulphur diesel for two reasons: 1) it is available globally and 2) it has a high volumetric energy density but does not produce any emissions in fuel cell applications.

Fuel cell: SOFC

Fuel: Diesel

Project managed by: thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

Project partnered by: DNV GL | Leibniz Universität | M&P | Öl-Waerme-Institut | Rörd Braren | Sunfire

Project term: 01 April 2017 - 30 September 2019