Pa-X-ell 2

Together with its project partners, the Meyer Werft-led demonstration project Pa-X-ell2 builds on the results of the preceding Pa-X-ell project. It aims to develop and test a new generation of fuel cell systems (PEM) for decentralised energy grids and hybrid energy systems for seagoing vessels which facilitated the activation of the market for fuel cell systems.

System development of a fuel cell system at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Specifically, this means formulating a concept for a decentralised energy grid and energy storage, and developing and configuring subsystems, as well as testing them under conditions that closely simulate their future operating environment in a decentralised network. Furthermore, using a test facility, Pa-X-ell2 has set out to validate the basic functionality of a hybrid energy system and storage. 

Advance development of PEM fuel cell technology at DLR

Both energy concepts require the development of a maritime fuel cell system to meet the high demands for performance, durability and reliability on passenger ships.

The fuel cell systems are operated with hydrogen, which is produced from methanol by means of an internal reformer. Another important part of the project is the testing of the systems on land and on board. The test operation of fuel cell technology systems on passenger ships is a relevant component for further development of fuel cells, sustainable energy concepts, and international regulations.

Versuchsanlage wird auf der AIDAnova installiert.

Fuel cell: PEM

Fuel: Methanol, optional LNG

Project managed by: Meyer Werft

Project partnered by: besecke | Carnival Maritime | DLR | DNV GL | EPEA GmbH – Part of Drees & Sommer | Fr. Lürssen Werft | Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Project term: 01.10.2019 -31.12.2021